About Prestige Auto Leasing

Prestige Auto Leasing is a boutique-style, one to one Prestige Car Leasing experience – where clients appreciate specialist knowledge about the products we offer, and a competitive price.

We have extensive knowledge in the Leasing of prestige vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Jaguar, Porsche and Range Rover brands from a dealership perspective which gives us a distinct advantage.

We can offer you in-depth product knowledge and a deep understanding of the specialist cars we lease. Our expertise means you will benefit from a superior experience and a competitive deal, without pressure or a need to haggle.

We can keep our pricing competitive by managing our overheads such as not renting expensive premises enabling us to pass these savings onto you.

Where we usually prefer to factory order a vehicle to meet your exact requirements, we also have access to offers and discounts on vehicles available from stock. Our website is a great place to find out about “Top Special Deals” which are also available for quick delivery, we hope you will enjoy taking a look around.

Whether you are looking for a new company car, someone who benefits from a car allowance or you are simply looking for a personal vehicle. Prestige Auto Leasing makes leasing vehicles more affordable than you think.

We are also specialists in the fastest growing sector in the automotive industry, Electric and Hybrid vehicles. We are experts in the marketplace and are able to guide you to finding the right vehicle for you. See our dedicated Electric & Hybrid page for the best deals.

We very much look forward to your next enquiry.